What should I pay attention to when purchasing bathroom products?

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Wall Mounted Hanging Bathroom Cabinet WBL-0513


How to choose a toilet?

Toilets and "home appliances" are both consumer durables, with many brands and different product quality and services. Please pay attention to the following points when buying:


A. First understand the drainage system of the house (whether it is the bottom row or the wall row), and choose the toilet with the corresponding water outlet distance.


B. Brand image: Generally, manufacturers that pay more attention to quality have better brand image and store image, complete authoritative qualification certificates, and better after-sales service.


C.Look at the shape design:

Flushing function: For the toilet, the most important thing is the sewage effect. Whether the design of sewage pipes and water fittings is reasonable is the biggest factor affecting the flushing function. Water-saving toilets use less than 6L of water per flush.

1. Straight-through type: The flushing speed is fast, but the noise is louder.

2. Jet siphon type: fast flushing and low noise.

3.Silent siphon type: large water consumption, but no noise. It will not affect other people's rest when used late at night.

4.Regularity: The overall style is coordinated, harmonious, without deformation, and good visual effects.

5.Use comfort: feel good when sitting down, comfortable, and comfortable. The extended and widened toilets are relatively more comfortable to use.


D.Look at the ceramic surface (glazed surface):


1. Brightness: The surface of general high-temperature ceramics is brighter and brighter, so it is easier to clean.

2. Smoothness and flatness: The ceramic surface is smooth and fine. There is no unevenness when touching the ceramic surface by hand. There are no obvious defects, such as pinholes, spots, lack of glaze, etc.

3. Color: Products with the same color should not have color differences.

4. Look at the quality of the porcelain and listen to the sound to distinguish the quality of porcelain: Using the principle of acoustics, the sound spreads in the same medium and emits a crisp and loud sound, without cracking or cracking.

5. Measure the weight to know the density: the same volume (same style or same volume), the heavier the product, the higher the density, that is, the smaller the gap, so the (ceramic) product has lower water absorption and better anti-odor and anti-cracking performance, strong and sturdy.

6. Cover: Pay attention to whether the material of the cover is firm, whether it is easy to break, whether the design is reasonable, etc.

7. Water tank accessories: Water tank accessories are often overlooked, and more people pay attention to the shape and style. In fact, the water tank accessories are like the heart of the toilet, and they are most prone to quality problems. Attention should be paid when purchasing: the accessories are of good quality, low water injection noise, sturdy and durable, and can withstand long-term immersion in water without corrosion and no scale.



How to choose a washbasin?


You can choose according to the actual conditions of the bathroom and personal preference. The most common ones are generally as follows:


Above counter Solid surface wash basin XA-A651. Above counter basin: It is easy to install and can place items on the countertop.

                    2.Under-counter basin: easy to clean, high-grade, and items can be placed on the countertop.

                    3.The installation requirements of the under-counter basin are relatively high. The size of the reserved position on the                                              countertop must be consistent with the size of the basin, otherwise, the appearance will be affected after installation.

Round Modern Design White Freestanding Pedestal Bathroom Wash Basin Sink XA-Z224. Pedestal basin: It has the characteristics of the consistent color of basin and column, not occupying space, easy to install, easy to clean, and good ventilation performance.

Wall Mounted Hanging Solid Surface Wash Basin XA-G685. Hanging basin: Its characteristics are similar to that of a pedestal basin. Generally, hanging basins can be considered for wall-    mounted drainage systems.

                    6. Bowls and basins: their characteristics are similar to those of the above counter basins, which are more artistic and                                            personalized.



How to choose a faucet?


1. Look at the material: Generally, there are titanium alloy products, copper chrome-plated products, stainless steel chrome-plated products, aluminum alloy chrome-plated products, iron chrome-plated products, etc. in order of quality.

2.Look at the valve core: the valve core is the heart of the faucet, and the ceramic valve core is the best valve core. Good quality products all use ceramic valve cores, which have the characteristics of strong wear resistance and good sealing performance. Generally, they can be used more than 300,000 times; low-end products mostly use copper, rubber, and other seals, which have a shorter service life, but the price low.

3.Look at the plating layer: among chrome-plated products, the plating layer of ordinary products is 20 microns thick, and the material is easy to be oxidized by air over time, while the copper chrome plating layer with exquisite workmanship is 28 microns thick. Its structure is tight, the plating layer is uniform, and the color is bright. Smooth and delicate, it can keep the brightness as new after long use.

4.Look at the appearance: It can be integrated with the style of the basin, bathtub, and bathroom to play a finishing touch.

5.Practical: Imported brands are mostly titanium alloy or copper chrome-plated, the "color surface" is crisp, exquisite, and durable, but the price is expensive; domestic brands of copper chrome-plated are relatively affordable, while stainless steel chrome-plated products are cheaper.


How to choose an acrylic bathtub?

Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub With Lighting TW-7682


When choosing, consider the size, depth, thickness, style, comfort, location of the tap hole, material, and whether there is anti-slip treatment, and so on. The most common one on the market is an acrylic bathtub. The advantages of the acrylic bathtub are: no rust, no erosion, very light, smooth surface, diverse styles, not easy to deform, not easy to fade, good heat preservation performance, warm touch, can keep the water temperature for a long time, and easy to wipe clean. High-quality acrylic cylinders can maintain a beautiful appearance for a long time, with a service life of up to 15 years. With the popularity of acrylic cylinders, some inferior acrylic cylinders with "fish eyes mixed with beads" appeared on the market. These inferior products not only have poor strength but are also prone to fading and breakage. The surface of inferior acrylic cylinders is generally not smooth and clean. Dirt is not easy to clean. Pay attention to the selection: the thickness of the acrylic cylinder is generally 3~10mm, generally, the thicker the better, pay attention to the surface finish and flatness, pay attention to small cracks and defects, do not buy those with orange peel on the surface Bathtub.


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