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Wall Mounted Hanging Bathroom Cabinet WBL-0513

Mention bathroom cabinet, everybody is not unfamiliar, as the standard match of the toilet, it is not only important to receive furniture, also be the existence that reflects the dimensional aesthetic feeling and tasteful most direct.


The bathroom cabinet on market is sundry, how can you choose a suitable bathroom cabinet after all that?


Choose according to the bathroom style

The bathroom cabinet is the most attractive existence inside the toilet, can say it is to show host aesthetic and grade important household products. Because this when bathroom cabinet of choice and buy, what want to consider above all is the style of bathroom cabinet, it must decorate a style to agree with him home.


New Chinese style

New Chinese style is not a simple copy of Chinese style, but a combination of traditional elements and modern elements extracted from Chinese style. Compared with classical and dignified Chinese style, the new Chinese style is more elegant and implicit.



Modern and simple style

The bathroom cabinet of contracted wind pays attention to practicability and beautiful sex more. Accordingly, the bathroom cabinet of this kind of style commonly can use a light color to fasten for exterior color, at the same time its receive a function very powerful, can say is the first selection of small family household.

The bathroom cabinet of this kind of style receives the love of young people very much now because its are contracted and easily does not break design feeling however, still can match perfectly with the style of the majority of the household.

Hanging Bathroom Cabinet WBL-0722


Selection according to the construction design

As a result of the bathroom is in for a long time below the state of wet dada, because this bathroom vanity moistureproof sex must get attention. And the bathroom vanity of different exterior waterproofing property is very different also because this suggests, do not pay attention to appearance level only when choose and buy, must combine the actual situation of oneself rational choice.


Hanging bathroom cabinet

Hanging Bathroom Cabinet TW-2201Hanging bathroom cabinets can be said to be the first choice for most families today. As a result of its bottom USES suspended design, cabinet put oneself in another's position and ground space come, can be diffused effectively moisture and moisture, avoided the possibility that moisture invades cabinet put oneself in another's the position, on certain level extended the service life of bathroom vanity.

Besides, the bathroom vanity of suspension type still has the advantage that increases dimensional feeling. Accordingly, it is a small family model, mount the lens vanity that this kind of bathroom vanity collocation goes up again with series, also won't feel crowded, also can satisfy everyday store content demand at the same time.


Floor bathroom cabinet

Floor Bathroom Cabinet TW-1091As its name implies, the cabinet of the bathroom of floor type is located on the ground directly, compare with the cabinet of the bathroom of hanging type, the cabinet of this kind of bathroom does not have a requirement to wall body when installing.


But floor-to-ceiling bathroom cabinets also have pain points you can't say: the bathroom is basically damp for a long time. If do not have in the home especially dry wet isolate word, the cabinet of floor type bathroom is met often contact with water, cause damage to cabinet put oneself in another's position thereby, affect the service life.

Because this is when the cabinet of the bathroom of floor type of choice and buy, must ask clear its material is qualitative whether did waterproof processing. Only in this way can we ensure the interior structure of the cabinet of the bathroom of floor type is not out of shape, have a longer service life.


A family living, cannot leave between the bathroom. In addition to the bath, wash gargle, convenience, we have laundry, cleaning, and other work in the bathroom.


Whether it is a modern minimalist design or a new functional configuration, the combined design of bathroom cabinets and washbasins of T&W Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd can satisfy the urban population's pursuit of high-quality sanitary ware.

A good bathroom cabinet, besides the function, is all ready, still have to use comfortably. Above is the selection method that summarizes about bathroom cabinet, hopes to be helpful to everybody.


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