China bathtub manufacturers production base, category standard and selling point analysis

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Where are the main production bases of bathtubs in China? What are their category standards and selling points? Does today’s question confuse you? May as well follow me through the sanitary ware database. Traveling to the main regions of China bathtub manufacturers, the answers you want are all here.

Major regions of China bathtub manufacturers

A. Guangdong Province: 1,000 bathtub manufacturers with complete types

Status: the leader
Scale: more than 1,000
Material: mainly acrylic
Features: Rich categories
Advantages: good upstream supporting facilities such as molds, electrical machinery, raw materials, ingredients, etc., and focus on brand marketing
Disadvantages: The bathtub produced in Guangdong is more expensive than in other production areas
Cost performance: high
Representative bathtub manufacturers: ARROW bathroom, SSWW bathroom, Emperor bathroom, T&W bathroom, etc.

Overview of Guangdong bathtub manufacturers: Guangdong sanitary ware companies, large or small, will have their own bathtub products, most of which are made of acrylic, and there are dozens of styles of bathtub products, ranging from ordinary bathtubs to multifunctional ones. A jacuzzi should be available. At the same time, Guangdong sanitary ware companies pay attention to the quality and brand building of bathtubs.

B. Zhejiang Province: No. 1 in leisure bathroom
Scale: more than 600
Material: ABS sheet
Feature: complete leisure bathroom products
Advantages: The number of shower rooms, bathtubs, bathroom cabinets, bathroom mirrors, and supporting products has exceeded Guangdong
Disadvantages: Zhejiang bathtub does not do a good job in brand, marketing, channels, and reputation, and product quality still needs to work hard.
Cost performance: average
Representative bathtub manufacturers: Classic bathroom, Shuangda bathroom, Leka bathroom, Tiansheng bathroom, etc.

Overview of Zhejiang bathtub manufacturers: Zhejiang is a famous production base of leisure sanitary ware in China, and the center and center of gravity of China’s leisure sanitary ware industry are moving northward. It is understood that there are currently more than 600 sanitary ware companies in Zhejiang, and most of the bathtubs in Xiaoshan are made of ABS sheets. Compared with acrylic, its toughness is very good and can satisfy the meticulous processing of products.
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C. Sichuan Province: Location advantage, broad market position: No. 1 in the Midwest

Scale: more than 300

Material: wooden bathtub, acrylic

Features: high-end leisure

Advantages: Convenient terrain, convenient transportation, and broad market in the central and western regions.

Disadvantages: weak brand marketing capabilities

Cost performance: average

Representative bathtub manufacturers: Emperor Sanitary Ware, Siwei Sanitary Ware, Shima Sanitary Ware, Xiwen Sanitary Ware

Overview of Sichuan bathtub manufacturer: colorful acrylic, beautifully shaped artificial stone, back to the original wood products. They are all "dare to play the ultimate bathroom." The Sichuan bathtub makes full use of the characteristics of acrylic, which is easy to dye and easy to shape, to bid farewell to the monotonous white of sanitary ware and sanitary ware, and fully open the era of colored sanitary ware.
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Summary: If you need a high-end bathtub and focus on quality, you can find a bathtub manufacturer in Guangdong Province. If you need to find a cheap bathtub, a bathtub manufacturer in Zhejiang is suitable for you. If you need the best color bathtub, Bathtub manufacturers in Sichuan Province are the most suitable.
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