When the bathroom is no longer limited to the interior, the hot trend and direction of bathroom space design in 2024!

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Remember the project A La Fresca created by the young designers of MUT Design Company at Cologne Exhibition for Das Haus 2020-A La Fresca! ("A Mural"-Go out and get some fresh air!)? They used abstract techniques to imply the direction their indoor concept points to outdoor. It has brought a trend of looking for intimate contact with the natural environment, that is, blurring the boundaries between outdoor and indoor, architecture and nature.

MUT Design Studio not only wants to adapt the interior design to the exterior design, but they also want to explore how home life will change if these boundaries are relaxed or completely eliminated.

Therefore, this is the future of bathroom space on the world design stage: the bathroom is no longer a hidden and private space, hidden behind the house, it has a smooth connection with the bedroom or other rooms or is a more popular way -The boundary area between the garden and the water flow.


T&W will share some recent hot design suggestions for bathroom space today, and how to create an open connection between the bathroom and the surrounding natural environment, and use rich natural elements in this daily space.

The hot trend of bathroom design in 2021: sustainable development

In order to reduce our carbon emissions and inspire our lifestyles, the need for sustainable structures, ethical practices, waste-eliminating products, and sustainable consumerism is imminent.

Therefore, it is an important aspect of modern housing to get along with the surrounding nature in balance and harmony and to find the combination of natural and organic. At the same time, creating residences that aim for future development without additional consumption of resources is also an integral part of sustainable development.


For different designers and manufacturers, the meaning of "sustainability" has different interpretations, and they all strive to achieve it in their projects. Some brands around the world are also following these guidelines, especially in bathroom design.

One of them, Caroma, is dedicated to finding sustainability in the bathroom space. Advocating simple, beautiful, and low-carbon design, using local materials, and focusing on style and function design to minimize waste.


This modern bathroom design is inspired by sustainability. Under the classic retro embellishment, there are some very attractive and unforgettable features.

From faucets to hardware, attention to the smallest details of the bathroom composition is the key to creating a sustainable style. Coupled with the composition of materials, colors, and textures, it can create a personalized space that embraces nature and is resource-conscious.

Here are some very stylish examples of how natural shapes, materials, and rough, irregular textured surfaces and shapes can bring comfort and pleasure to any bathroom.

Especially when the materials are natural and old-fashioned: stone, brick, concrete, clay. You can definitely make your design project a sensually pleasing artistic achievement.

Bedroom and bathroom integration

If you pay attention to internationally popular design trends, you may have noticed that in the past few years, bedroom-bathroom combinations have been a very popular choice in luxury items. This is a somewhat controversial choice, some people like it, and others hate it. But here are some examples of combinations, the design concept is elegant and bold.

Design project of Pitsou Kedem Architects and Baranowitz & Goldberg Architects 

The famous Israeli architectural firm Pitsou Kedem Architects and Baranowitz & Goldberg Architects created the design of this top-floor bedroom. With sandy tones and sculptural details, to capture the pure and windy desert atmosphere.

In the spacious space, the connection between the bathroom and the bedroom is completely open. Only a raised platform and interesting modern shapes with sculptural value define the wet corners. Local materials are used prominently, such as marble and wood, together with pale fabrics and lightweight walls, to create a bright and complex atmosphere, which is very characteristic of the design style of its creator.

Nildo Jose's project 

This case project is another unique and ingenious solution, inserting a spectacular lattice board cube into the bedroom area.

Nildo José's project is an interesting and artistic expression of modern trends, which creates an extraordinary spatial solution for this modern housing. Deca's white bathroom faucets and fixtures are specially designed for this space. The customized mini architectural cube space highlights the beauty of this unique bathroom solution.

There is also a limited space design method: the bathtub is placed at the foot of the bed. This way is stylish and romantic, very bohemian.

RaeRae House by Maynard Architects

Just like the entire project of RaeRae House, designed by Maynard Architects, this bedroom-bathroom combination bed and bathtub are very close, but the two areas are separated by slide rails, and local materials and accessories are used to create a warm and stylish space.

As you can see, many unique spatial layouts and artistic solutions are possible. No matter what style, color or space configuration is chosen, the fuzzy bathroom space boundary is a practical, stylish, and surprisingly elegant design and choice for modern homes.

The stoneware aesthetic era of bathroom

In the design scenes and bathroom decoration compositions, people have keenly observed a trend that more and more designers are looking for rough textures and natural focal points. The rough nature of those rocks, stones, and materials can bring the natural and balanced touch into our high-speed, high-tech life, and bring us sensory stimulation. In terms of bathroom design, it is quite fashionable and popular.

As Dana Tomic Hughes put it, this is a movement with "primitive modern design—a romantic stone age aesthetic." Therefore, those unprocessed and unfinished stone, marble, or wooden details are often made into an integral part, which can become a powerful focus of contemporary bathroom design and garden landscape.

Crema Violet Onyx by Decus Interiors


Crema Violet Onyx is a rare masterpiece. This chic, pink bathroom was designed by Decus Interiors and features Crema violet agate. The natural beauty of stone, white elements, and stylish rose gold faucet decoration create an infinite sense of contrast and eye-catching color depth. The smudged pink, violet, and white waves vividly prove that the original aesthetic trend is picturesquely beautiful.

Another artistic example that combines modern design creativity with natural organic divergence is the washbasin designed by Antonio Lupi Design. This bathroom product has a unique rectangular corner, smooth texture, and elegant personality (somewhat reminiscent of a pinstripe suit), combining modern technology with the classical beauty of natural marble.

In short, the design trend of bathroom space in 2021 is nature-oriented design. Concern for people's health and the health of the planet has become a major factor in style and artistic design solutions. New technologies and innovative methods are of great help in this regard, and we also need to be more responsible in our consumption.
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