Why do you have to install a bathtub in the bathroom? The family has nothing to say after reading it!

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For people who have been exhausted for a day outside, it is a very enjoyable thing to take a comfortable bath after returning home to wash away the tiredness of the day and exchange for a relaxed and comfortable feeling.

"A bath is the beginning of a healthy life. The bathroom is the embodiment of refined life." So how should the bathroom be designed?

I. Try to put a bathtub in the bathroom
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Bathing can also improve and promote blood circulation and increase metabolism. Soaking for about 10 minutes will make the body feel very comfortable and help sleep.

At the same time bathing is a very enjoyable thing, you can soak in hot water to relax. You can also play mobile phones, watch videos, etc. while taking a bath, enjoy leisure time in the home space, and get spiritual satisfaction.

The bathtub is especially practical for families with elderly people. Taking a bath every day can have a good health effect. And now there is a walk-in sitting bathtub, which exposes the heart to the surface of the water to avoid pressure, and is very convenient to use and increases safety. In addition, the elderly sometimes feel powerless if they stand in the shower for a long time. Sitting and washing can effectively save energy.



II. Customized bathroom cabinet design

In simple terms, bathroom cabinets use the space on the wall and are now widely used in decoration design. One is to enhance the practicability of the corner space, such as designing bathroom cabinets when guaranteeing, and clever use of the easily overlooked space here, not only makes the whole more harmonious, unified and beautiful but also can make the bathroom Have more storage space.
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Bathroom cabinets are mostly designed near bathtubs, showers, or toilets. They will be designed according to the behavioral habits of different family members and conform to the relevant laws of ergonomics. This is actually the focus of bathroom design. Associations will be made during the design, such as people. If you soak in the bathtub, you will see what you need to reach out, and then design accordingly, which will enhance the feeling of use.

III. Design a healthy ecological cycle

Many families choose to put some green plants indoors, especially the bathroom space, which can not only purify the air and create an oxygen-rich and fresh breathing environment; at the same time, they can also decorate the room to bring a sense of vitality to space.

Because the bathroom is a relatively humid and dark place, and the temperature changes greatly, plants must choose plants that can tolerate moisture, heat, and shade, such as succulents, ferns, cymbidium, aloe, arrowroot, spider plant, gold Ge and Guanye pineapple, etc., are actually suitable for the bathroom.

Most plants release more oxygen during the day and more carbon dioxide at night. Boston ferns and African violets can be the opposite. Let plants form a relatively stable ecological cycle with each other, which is more natural and healthier.


IV. Healthy "Water Environment"

Water health is human health because water is actually everywhere. The first is drinking water, the second is the water directly in contact with the skin, and the third is the water in the air, which must be kept above healthy standards.

The designer emphasized that what many people tend to overlook is the plumbing and water circulation system in the home. Most of the pipes used in homes are PPR pipes and the material is type 3 polypropylene. Although the chemical properties are relatively stable, the water is easily contaminated during the flow, and the half-life of PPR pipes is short, and the maintenance and replacement costs are high.

The designer recommends stainless steel pipes for drinking water and water that directly interacts with the skin. Although the cost will increase, the safety of the home space is also improved, and it is not easy to cause stains in the pipes. Longer life.

In addition, aquatic bacteria are a type of ultra-miniature aquatic organisms that grow in water bodies. They reproduce very fast, dividing once every 20-30 minutes. The excessive reproduction of bacteria will cause water pollution and threaten human health. If the water does not flow frequently, 2 -It will be severely contaminated by bacteria in 3 days, so a healthy water circulation design is very important to let the water flow in time.
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