What is the best material for bathroom cabinets? Comparison of several commonly used materials

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As the most common furniture in the bathroom, the bathroom cabinet is not as conspicuous as the sofa in the living room or the dining table in the dining room, but its function is not small at all, and the frequency of daily use is also very high. However, due to the unique humid environment in the bathroom, the moisture resistance of the material should be fully considered when purchasing bathroom cabinets.

At present, the common bathroom cabinet materials on the market include solid wood bathroom cabinets, PVC bathroom cabinets, multi-layer solid wood panels, stainless steel, and other materials. What are their advantages and disadvantages, and how do we choose?

1. Solid wood bathroom cabinet

The first thing to say is the solid wood bathroom cabinet. Compared with other materials, the solid wood material is more environmentally friendly, and the natural wood grain looks more natural, and the overall texture and feel will be good. However, relatively speaking, the price of solid wood bathroom cabinets is also higher, and in order to cope with the humid environment in the bathroom, the requirements for moisture-proof technology are also higher, and daily maintenance is required to be used for longer.

2. PVC bathroom cabinet

Many people think that PVC bathroom cabinet products are cheaper than other materials and not up to the grade. However, this material also has its own advantages, and the quality cannot be judged simply by price. PVC material has strong plasticity, excellent waterproof and moisture-proof performance, and is easy to clean. It is one of the more reliable and cost-effective choices. Of course, its poor corrosion resistance is its main disadvantage.

3. Multilayer solid wood board bathroom cabinet

Multi-layer solid wood boards are made by cutting natural logs into wooden boards and then pressing them through crisscrossing, high temperature and high pressure and other processes. From the perspective of material composition, multilayer solid wood can also be regarded as solid wood. Its advantage lies in retaining the high-end quality of solid wood and overcoming the shortcomings of solid wood material such as easy cracking and poor moisture resistance. And compared to solid wood, it is certain that glue is used, and many people are worried about pollution. When purchasing, remember to choose bathroom cabinets produced by powerful manufacturers. Relatively speaking, they are more environmentally friendly, so you don't have to worry about it. The bathroom cabinet made by T&W Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd is worth choosing
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4. Stainless steel bathroom cabinet

A good stainless steel bathroom cabinet has strong water resistance and is durable. It is one of the more reliable material choices, but due to material restrictions, the cabinet is thin and the style is relatively simple. There are two types of stainless steel bathroom cabinets on the market, mainly 201 and 304, with a large price difference. Among them, 304 stainless steel is recommended. The qualified 304 plate has a very strong anti-rust ability and is more worry-free to use.

Bathroom cabinets have a lot of knowledge about purchasing. If you want to know more about purchasing sanitary ware products, continue to pay attention to us.

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