Do not live up to every day in the morning, I have a coup for cleaning the bathroom cabinet

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The bathroom is the living space that faces the most in our daily life except for the bedroom. If this space is dirty, I always feel that it is not good to wash in the morning. But if you face a clean bathroom cabinet every day, you can feel more comfortable when you go out.

So how to clean the bathroom cabinet? Are there any tricks? Come and have a look with me.

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I.Bathroom mirror

In the bathroom space, water vapor surrounds it all-day long, which inevitably causes some stains and scales on the mirror, which feels like it is stuck on it, and it is impossible to remove it.

Prepare a few lemon slices and wipe the water stains on the mirror repeatedly. After a few times, you will find that the water stains have softened and fall off. Then wipe them with a dry and soft towel to make the mirror as clean as ever.

If there is no lemon, prepare a cloth, dip a small amount of vinegar, and wipe the scale on the mirror repeatedly.
Because the scale is alkaline, and vinegar is acidic, mutual neutralization can quickly remove the scale on the mirror. After washing off the scale, clean it with clean water, and then wipe the mirror surface dry with old newspaper.

Cleaning tips:

Now it is an Internet society, and there are very few people who have newspapers at home. If there is no newspaper, you can use a dry towel instead. In normal use, try to keep the mirror as dry as possible so that no scale will grow.

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II.Bathroom cabinet

The bathroom cabinet is a very important existence in the bathroom space. It assumes the dual role of storage and matching. Therefore, when the bathroom cabinet is dirty, the cleaning of either the marble countertop or the solid wood cabinet is essential.

If the surface of the solid wood bathroom cabinet has a lot of dust, you can prepare a soft cloth and wipe the surface with a little damp. The amount of water can not be too much, otherwise, it will cause corrosion and rust of the cabinet.

If there are stains on the surface of the cabinet, you can put a few drops of neutral detergent on a soft cloth to wipe it.

Compared with the bathroom cabinets with solid wood surfaces, the bathroom cabinets made of rock slabs are cleaner, because they are wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, and self-cleaning. When the surface of the rock slabs is stained, just use a soft cloth + clean. Just wipe with the agent.

When taking a bath in the bathroom, it is often surrounded by water vapor, and if the small water drops that condense on the bathroom cabinet are not dried in time, it is easy to leave traces of water stains on the cabinet body. After the stains are removed, use a towel to dry them. Prepare a damp cloth and press it on top of the water stain. Don't use too much force. The damp cloth just fits the surface of the cabinet. Wait patiently for the water stain to disappear.

Cleaning tips:

Do not use too much force when cleaning, and be careful to damage the cabinet. Do not use a cloth to wipe vigorously, so removing water stains will damage the surface of the cabinet. If it is a wooden bathroom cabinet, apply a little light wax to protect the cabinet after cleaning.

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III.Daily maintenance of bathroom cabinet

Use environment: Do not expose the bathroom cabinet to the sun to avoid local chromatic aberration; keep it cool and ventilated, separate dry and wet, and develop the habit of opening windows and doors.

Item placement: Place items steadily. Heavier items should be placed on the bottom of the bathroom cabinet. It is not easy to place heavy items in the wall cabinet to avoid stress and deformation of the top and bottom plates, and to ensure the safety of the process of picking and placing items.

Opening and closing attention: the door and drawer of the bathroom cabinet should be opened with appropriate force, do not open and close suddenly.

Pay attention to inspection: regularly check whether the water inlet pipe and the water outlet pipe are tightly connected to avoid water leakage that affects the life of the cabinet.

Waxing regularly: every 6 to 12 months, apply a layer of wax to the bathroom cabinet with paste wax, including the cabinet body, hardware handles, and bracket parts.

Cleaning interval: It is recommended to maintain the bathroom cabinet every half a month or so to maintain the long-term bright color.
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