How to clean the bathroom basin? Tell you the correct cleaning method.

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Bathroom washbasins are a relatively important sanitary product in people's lives. We use them every day. With the continuous improvement of people's demand for use, the materials and brands of bathroom washbasins are also increasing. Many people do not pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of the bathroom washbasin in the process of using the bathroom washbasin, which greatly reduces the service life of the bathroom washbasin. This is wrong. The editor is here to introduce the cleaning and maintenance methods of bathroom sinks. If you are interested, let's learn together to improve the service life of bathroom sinks.
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1. Cleaning method of bathroom basin

For artificial stone basins, artificial stone basins are easy to accumulate dirt when used for a long time. You can use sliced lemons to scrub the surface of the basin, wait a minute, and then rinse with water to become bright. If the stain is stubborn, you can use safe bleach, pour it into the basin and soak it for 20 minutes, then wash it with a towel or sponge, and then scrub with water.

For glass basins, boiling water, scouring pads, steel brushes, strong alkaline detergents, hard sharp tools, etc. cannot be used to clean glass basins. It is recommended to use pure cotton rags, neutral detergent, glass cleaning water, etc. for cleaning, so as to maintain the lasting brightness as new.

For stainless steel basins, you only need to clean and wipe with water or detergent to clean as new.

For ceramic basins, like artificial stone basins, are relatively resistant to dirt, just wipe them with clean water and a cloth.

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2. Maintenance method of bathroom basin

In the damp environment of the bathroom space, most accidents are children, because children are bathing and washing; they like to play in the water, because of the environment, if there is improper behavior, such as: standing on the edge of the bathtub wall with one foot and putting the other foot on the face Put your hands in the basin or on the left and right sides of the basin; the dangerous behavior of jumping up and down, if you accidentally slip and hit it, it will cause an accident.

If the washbasin is hit by an instant irresistible force from the outside, it will produce many sharp fragments and be injured by the fragments. Children should be taught the correct use of bathroom methods, and more attention should be paid to children's washing activities in the bathroom. If any inappropriate behavior is found, it should be corrected immediately to avoid accidents. Change the bad habit of placing items on the basin easily. For daily necessities with larger volume or heavier weight on the makeup board above the basin, please install a storage cabinet to facilitate the collection of daily necessities and avoid placing them on the makeup board.

Normal cleaning: The porcelain is cleaned with soft bristles or sponges with a neutral detergent, but it should not be rinsed with hot water or directly poured into hot water to prevent the basin from cracking. If you want to use the basin to hold water, put cold water in the hot water first to avoid scalding. Regular maintenance: the bottom of the water storage bay can be disassembled to remove the accumulated dirt and keep the drainage unblocked. Regularly check whether there are dark cracks in the basin at home, fill the basin with water, pour in colored paint, and soak for one night, if there is a dark crack, you can see clearly.

When cleaning the basin, you should try to use a sponge soaked in detergent to clean. Remember not to use a vegetable cloth, or use a hard brush, acid-alkaline chemical agent, or solvent to wipe and scrub, because it will form small scratches on the surface of the basin, making it rough. It is easy to deposit dirt.

Porcelain and glass have very low thermal conductivity, and they will break if they heat up rapidly. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the temperature difference when using it and avoid excessive external force collisions that may cause a rupture. If it is a built-in washbasin, when cleaning, pay special attention to the dead corner part under the countertop and the junction of the basin.

The above article introduced you to the knowledge of bathroom basin cleaning and maintenance. If you are not sure, you can come and learn. I believe you will have a clearer understanding of bathroom basin cleaning and maintenance. No matter what kind of material the bathroom vanity is, it needs to be cleaned regularly, which will not only improve the use effect of the bathroom vanity but also be beneficial to our health.

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