How should ceramics sanitary ware companies deal with internal and external difficulties?

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Update time : 2020-11-25 14:18:00
The ceramic sanitary ware industry can be said to be misfortunes that never come singly this year. Various pressures such as the domestic market recession, rising clay prices and foreign anti-dumping have put increasing pressure on the ceramic sanitary ware industry. When companies are facing difficulties, they often find various breakthrough decisions. Today's ceramic sanitary ware companies are struggling to find a good way to deal with the current difficult dilemma.

I:The ceramic sanitary ware industry faces industry siege
my country's ceramic industry has developed rapidly in recent years, and various problems have been exposed with such rapid development. Product quality and blind price wars threaten the further development of the ceramic industry.

This year, the pressure on ceramics companies has increased day by day, and the tepid building materials market after entering the Golden 9th and the Silver 10th has caused a lot of headaches for businesses. In the face of internal and external pressure, in the era of high costs, how to get out of trouble is a difficult problem for ceramic companies.

According to the analysis of "China United Business Daily" reporters, under the background of internal and external obstacles, the process and speed of the reshuffle of the ceramics industry will be accelerated, so that workshop-style enterprises without brands and quality assurance will be eliminated more quickly. From the perspective of industry development, this is also a good thing. However, through reshuffling, the surviving companies still need to continuously improve the added value, technological content, and quality of their products, so as to achieve the sequential deferral of high quality, high added value, high value, and high price.

According to the analysis of relevant researchers, the composition of raw materials and production technology of ceramics has determined that it will inevitably consume a large number of natural resources and energy. The ceramic industry will inevitably be unable to avoid the three major issues of raw materials, energy, and environmental protection. The extensive development of the industry has made these three major problems the "three dead spots" of the sustainable development of the ceramic industry and cast a heavy shadow on the future of the ceramic industry. The high pressure of the ceramic industry in this era indicates that a brand-new competitive model and pattern are being formed. The countermeasures are different due to different concepts and ideas. Therefore, if ceramics companies want to achieve sustainable scientific development, they must adhere to the two-legged policy of adjusting the industry, product structure, and changing the development model. Technological innovation investment, cultivating independent brands, owning independent intellectual property rights, building core competitiveness and other elements and links are the foundation for enterprises to resolve high-cost pressures.

II:How do ceramic sanitary ware companies break through?
How can ceramic companies resist adversity and breakthrough under the dual pressure of domestic cold winter and international anti-dumping?

The 69.7% punitive tariff has become a reality, and how companies can breakthrough has become a top priority. Some ceramic companies have begun to consider relocating their production bases to lower-cost countries to avoid the EU's threshold.

First of all, ceramic companies learn to sum up their experience in the cold winter, especially the high consumption and high pollution exposed by this cold winter, which restricts the development of the ceramic industry. In this regard, the ceramic industry must learn to change production methods and take a low-carbon route. Technical innovation and management innovation reduce production costs and labor costs.

It is reported that in the response to EU anti-dumping duties, Foshan Jianyi Ceramics and Xinruncheng Ceramics received separate tax rates of 26.3% and 29.3% respectively, and more than 30 Foshan Tao enterprises that responded to the lawsuit received 30.6. % Tax rate, a large number of small and medium-sized ceramic enterprises in Foshan will be levied a high tax rate of 69.7% for failing to respond. It can be seen that actively responding to litigation can help companies reduce losses in response to anti-dumping.

Secondly, in dealing with anti-dumping, on the one hand, companies should start from themselves, avoid participating in the vicious low-price competition, or through some special ways to avoid other countries' identification of themselves as dumping. On the other hand, enterprises should take the initiative to attack. When encountering anti-dumping, they should understand the relevant legislation of the anti-dumping investigating country and actively respond to the lawsuit. Even if it fails to succeed, it is necessary to actively seek alternative countries.

In addition, whether it is the cold winter of the domestic market or the predicament of the international market, ceramic companies need to cooperate with each other to a certain extent. For example, when they learn that someone is going to file a dumping complaint, the ceramic industry organization or association should warn all exporters. , Work together to prepare for the investigation. When the industry is at a low point, companies should help each other, cooperate and achieve win-win results, and jointly break through difficulties.

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