Why do you need an artificial stone bathtub? Everything you need to know about solid surface bathtub!

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Rectangle Back To Wall Freestanding Stone Resin Bathtub XA-8856A

Solid surface materials are man-made materials that DuPont first introduced to the market in 1967. The main components of acrylic solid surface materials include high-quality acrylic resin (MMA), aluminum powder, and pigments. Solid surfaces are very popular as kitchen countertops and bathtubs, sinks, and vanity tops in modern bathrooms because of their many advantages, including custom colors, durability, and non-porous surfaces.

There are many types of bathtubs on the market, such as cast iron bathtubs, acrylic bathtubs, wooden bathtubs, and solid surface bathtubs. Bathtubs can also be classified by purposes, such as whirlpool bathtubs and soaking bathtubs. Among all these options, the most recommended is a freestanding bathtub with a solid surface. The reasons are as follows: 

Stylish Design  

Most freestanding solid surface bathtubs have a stylish modern design. Each piece of work conveys the designer's creative inspiration and enthusiasm for the modern and free lifestyle. A simple and stylish free-standing solid bathtub placed in a modern bathroom will greatly enhance the elegance and charming atmosphere of the room. 
Rectangle Unique Design Freestanding Artificial Stone Bathtub TW-8615

Ingenious Styles To Choose From 

The flexibility of Solid Surfaces in design and manufacturing means that they can be easily made into various shapes and styles. This flexibility has led to a variety of styles of solid surface bathtubs, from oval and round to rectangular or container-shaped. For almost any shape you can imagine, the designer can help you achieve this in reality, providing a unique solid surface bathtub for your bathroom decoration. 

Color Can Be Customized 

Like many other types of bathtub materials, not only white, solid surface products can also be made into red, black, and many other colors. Even colorful solid surface particles can be added to the mixture to make the surface look colorful. There are also two finishes available in glossy and matte finishes to meet specific needs. 
Colorful Oval Freestanding Stone Resin Bathtub XA-8819

Very Durable 

The solid surface freestanding bathtub can be equipped with a 1.8 to 5 cm thick bathtub. This means that it can withstand decades of wear and tear, and after careful grinding and polishing, the surface quality can be updated to make it look new even after many years. 

Easy To Maintain 

There is no need to worry about fixing complicated sprinklers after using the water-powered bathtub for many years, because most solid surface bathtubs are free-standing and simple, without complicated hydraulic sprinklers, and no trouble. Just like sanitary ware products, daily care will keep your solid bathtub in good condition for many years. 

Low Thermal Conductivity

Compared with the cast iron bathtub and the icy feeling of the surface, the solid bathtub feels warmer and gentler because it has low heat conduction and can retain heat for longer.
Colorful Oval Freestanding Solid Surface Bathtub XA-8811

In short, if you are looking for a unique bathtub for your home or commercial building that can not only represent your style and taste but also provide high-quality use, then the solid bathtub is your best choice.

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