QingLi Hotel

Project: Vessel Hammock Acrylic Bathtubs For QingLi Hotel
Customer: QingLi Hotel
Time: 2020
Quantity: 68 pcs
Location: Guangxi
Product: Vessel Hammock Acrylic Bathtubs
Material: Acrylic
Weizhou Island Qingli Hotel is located on Weizhou Island, Beihai, which is known as the most beautiful island in China. It is located in the Dishui Danping Scenic Area. It has the first-line sea view on the island and the beach within a minute's walk. The concept of the Weizhou Island Qingli Hotel is based on the relationship between man, nature and the sea. It is hoped that you can experience a quiet and slow life on the island. Whether it is from a minimalist white house to a room with a full sea view or a bathtub with a starry sky, the hotel considers every detail of the design, and only leaves you with a wonderful accommodation experience.