Sweden Customers

Project: Solid Surface Bathtub For Sweden Customer
Customer: Sweden Customer
Time: 2016
Quantity: Long-term Cooperation
Location: Sweden
Product: Solid Surface Bathtub
Material: Solid surface/Artificial stone
T&W Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd is a factory that mainly produces high-end bathtubs, bathroom cabinets, washes basins, and bathing facilities.

Here, we mention Sweden customers, Working on a bathroom shopping website company. The company imports a large number of bathtubs from China every year. However, the artificial stone bathtub produced by T&W, up to 100 kinds, including a variety of models, sizes, colors.

Sweden customer come from Gothenburg city,he is a purchasing manager: Mr. Mastor,  Mastor is mainly responsible for bathtub product procurement.

Where did this customer find us? Interestingly, he got our business cards from the exhibition, found our website first, and then contacted us.

Mr. Mastor is an old customer now. On November 34, 2016, we received an email from Mastor asking us about the price of a solid bathtub. At that time, the quality of solid surface bathtubs we produced was very good, and the production was high. At first, the customer orders were not big. After a year After the cooperation, The number of orders is getting bigger and bigger. Now there are stable orders for about thirty  40GP container every year.