Ostsee Therme - Indoor Swimming Pool Bathroom

Project: Wall Hung WashBasins For Ostsee Therme
Customer: Ostsee Therme-Indoor Swimming Pool Bathroom
Time: 2016
Quantity: 205 pcs
Location: Germany
Product: Wall Hung WashBasins
Material: Solid surface/Artificial stone
The "Ostsee Therme" is a very large swimming pool plus sauna in Scharbeutz, which is located close to Lübeck and it is directly on the Baltic Sea so you can even take a swim there to cool down.

The place is very often over-crowded on the weekends especially during the winter months and if you look too closely you will see that it needs some improvements and/or renovation work.

Yet still it is a nice place to relax with many different saunas.On the the rooftop you can find a jacuzzi with a nice view of the stars and out over the ocean inside you can find relaxing rooms (often too warm for me) some with waterbeds other with beach chairs.