What should be paid attention to when installing the bathtub? The perfect and comfortable experience starts from the details!

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With people's pursuit of high-quality life, more and more families like to install bathtubs in the bathroom, so that after a busy day, being able to take a hot bath is also a comfortable experience. However, the installation of the bathtub is a relatively big problem. Once misalignment or other conditions occur, it will affect the normal use. Next, let’s talk about the things to pay attention to when installing in detail. Perfect experience can not be separated from these easily overlooked details.
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I.Preparation work before bathtub installation

1. Determine the size of the bathtub. Before installation, you need to choose a bathtub of the right size according to the specifications of your own bathroom and the reserved space.

2. The tiles are laid on the back row. Before installing the bathtub, it is recommended not to tile first. The correct order is to install the bathtub first after the wall is finished so that it is convenient to insert the upper mouth of the bathtub and then pave the tiles after installation.

3. Ensure that the bathtub is clean. The bathtub needs to be cleaned first to ensure that the bathtub is clean because, after installation, it is troublesome to clean some parts

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II.Matters needing attention during bathtub installation III.

1. Sewer pipes. In order to prevent the sewer pipe from returning odor and bring unpleasant odor to the bathroom, it is recommended to use a slightly inverted S-shaped pipe. Of course, this kind of pipeline is not suitable for cleaning, and it is easy to be blocked, so extreme care must be taken in use.

2. The bottom should be fixed. The bottom of the bathtub needs to be firmly fixed with river sand, which can not only ensure the stability of the bathtub but also reduce its heat transfer rate to prevent the temperature of the water in the bathtub from being affected.

3. The tightness is better. This is something that requires great attention during the installation process. If the seal is poor, water leakage will occur, which will affect the normal use of the bathroom. Therefore, when installing, first install the water fittings, and then test to check the leak tightness of the water.

4. Pay attention to the installation position. Under normal circumstances, the installation of the bathtub requires that one end of the drain is slightly lower than the other end so that the drainage of sewage will be easier. Of course, it also depends on the situation. Some bathtubs will have a drainage slope in advance.

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III.Inspection after bathtub installation

After installation, check to see if the bathtub is stable and whether there is water leakage. In addition, in order to prolong the service life of the bathtub, it is recommended to put glass glue on the place where the bathtub is in contact with the skirt and the wall, so as to effectively maintain the bottom. Dry and dry, avoid moldy and other conditions caused by excessive moisture.

Bathtub installation is a big event for the family and requires attention from all aspects. Through the above introduction of pre-installation, during and after installation, we believe that everyone can have a perfect experience.
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