What is the difference between an ordinary bathtub and a massage bathtub? (Contains bathtub maintenance knowledge)

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Bathtub, as an indispensable product in modern bathroom space, should be more thoughtful to choose from. Because a good bathtub can bring us the most extreme bathing enjoyment and let us get the greatest relaxation in our whole body. So the question is, should we choose a luxurious Jacuzzi bathtub or a frugal ordinary bathtub?

1. Ordinary bathtub

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Ordinary bathtubs generally refer to bathing utensils without smart functions. They do not need to be energized and can be used simply by connecting a water pipe. Commonly seen bathtubs on the market include cast iron bathtubs, ceramic bathtubs, artificial stone bathtubs, and bathtubs made of wooden barrels and acrylic materials. They are the first choice for families in general.

2.Massage bathtub

However, some people with better living conditions nowadays not only pay attention to the functionality of the bathroom. After a day of fatigue, let the water massage the body, and the jacuzzi has become one of the important props for relaxation and self-taste. The massage bathtub uses water circulation and spraying while bathing to achieve the effect of massaging the body, providing people with a more comfortable bathing experience, and has attracted more and more attention from the younger generation of consumers.

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At present, most of the massage bathtubs are made of acrylic composite materials, which are light in weight and diverse in shape. There should be no problem in the family for ten or twenty years.

Unlike the traditional "bathtub", the massage bathtub uses the thrust of the built-in motor to spray water to stimulate various parts of the human body through multiple nozzles distributed in the cylinder, which can massage muscles, accelerate blood circulation, relieve pain and Active joints and other functions.

The massage bathtub can massage the body through water circulation and jet flushing while taking a bath, providing people with a more comfortable bathing experience.

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At the same time, the shape of the bathtub is no longer limited to the traditional elliptical shape, but round, heart-shaped, fan-shaped and other shapes have appeared. The bathtub cushions, armrests, and various designs that fit the human body position make the bathtub look like a finely carved artwork, bringing you physical, mental, and visual enjoyment.

The current massage bathtub design is more user-friendly, with advanced functions such as automatic cleaning and disinfection, timing intelligent water intake, and water temperature appointment. While enjoying, you can feel the infinite convenience brought by technology to life. Imagine going home after a busy day, with soft lighting, soft music, intoxicating red wine, plus a comfortable hot bath...can't help but feel that life can be so beautiful.

There is a certain gap between the price of the jacuzzi and ordinary bathtubs, but it is not an exaggeration to give yourself a comfortable bathtub with the pressure of work every day. Then the editor will spread the tips on buying a jacuzzi and maintenance for everyone!

Some people say that the care of the massage bathtub after use is very troublesome. It is not practical to wipe the bathtub after the water is discharged, which is easy to hide dirt and not easy to clean. Worry for a long time, the jacuzzi will become a home furnishing.

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Therefore, the post-maintenance of bathtub is extremely important. Regarding the post-maintenance of the massage bathtub, I will give you some tips:

1. The daily cleaning of the jacuzzi can be done with general liquid detergents and soft cloths, but not with a ketone or chlorine-containing water. When disinfecting, disinfectants containing formic acid and formaldehyde are prohibited.

2. If there are scratches on the surface of the bathtub, you can try to polish it with water scrubbing paper, then apply toothpaste, and polish it with a soft cloth to make it as smooth as new.

3. The scale on the surface of the bathtub can be wiped with a soft cloth after adding a mildly acidic detergent, such as lemon juice and vinegar.

4. Cleaning of the hydraulic friction device: fill the bathtub with hot water at 40 degrees Celsius, add detergent per liter of 2 grams, start the hydromassage for about 5 minutes, stop the pump to drain, then fill up with cold water, start the hydromassage for about 3 minutes, stop the pump After draining and cleaning the bathtub.

5. The surface of the cylinder body is dirty and can be wiped with a wet towel. This process can be repeated three times and it will be as clean as new.

6. Do not use rough surfaces, utensils, chemical solvents or particles to clean the surface of the cylinder.

7. Do not use hard objects or blades to hit the surface of the bathtub, and at the same time, do not allow cigarette butts or heat sources above 70oC to touch the surface of the bathtub.

8. After using the bathtub, drain the water and disconnect the power supply.

9. If the water return device and nozzle are blocked by the hair and other sundries, they can be unscrewed for cleaning.

10. Gold-plated and chrome-plated parts do not need to be wiped frequently.

Summary: A good massage bathtub is very important in terms of material selection and functional selection, including post-maintenance. When buying smart products, you should also pay attention to the guarantee of after-sales service! The jacuzzi is indeed very attractive, but it is not suitable for every family. I hereby remind my friends that when choosing the product, choose the one that suits you best and not be influenced by the price. At the same time, choose the better quality products and brands with high reputation, do not blindly choose products with many functions. There are not many functions, just enough! Set yourself a small goal first, starting with having a jacuzzi!

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