How to choose the bathroom cabinet, durable and easy to take care of.

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Wall Mounted Hanging Bathroom Cabinet WBL-0615
Bathroom cabinets need to face a humid environment and are used frequently. It is very important to choose a suitable bathroom cabinet. There are many parts of the bathroom cabinet, so more analysis is needed.

Countertop / Basin

Commonly available in the market are acrylic countertops, ceramic countertops, natural marble countertops, artificial stone countertops, and glass.


Modeling is relatively easy, one-piece molding without seams, styles, and colors are more variable, the disadvantage is that it is easy to scratch (no matter how good the quality is, it will take a long time), the price is slightly higher, and the use of colored acrylic is not recommended. Market feedback There are more problems with fading.


The technology is relatively mature, alkali-resistant, acid-resistant, high-temperature resistant, and will never fade (of course, the premise is that the firing temperature exceeds 1200 and the materials used are good), and it is quite convenient to take care of. The disadvantage is that the quality of the ceramic pots on the market is uneven. It is usually more difficult to tell if you are not a professional.

The method of comparison (note that it is a comparison, not absolute, and the method is also very simple. Find the most expensive bathroom store in the area as the highest standard for reference)

1. The size is similar, and the heavier is the top grade (high density)

2. The whiter the glaze is closer to "bone china", the better. (Good quality glaze)

3. Knock, the clearer the sound, the better.

4. Check the backside (the side with no glazed surface), and look closely to see if there are any small cracks (fire cracks) in the embryo body. Generally speaking, it cannot be completely avoided. Generally, it is necessary to apply a glaze to fill the cracks. The quality is unstable.

5. Feel the smoothness of the lower glaze by hand, especially the glaze on corners, shapes, and other details. (workmanship)

Ceramics also have integrated products

Natural stone and artificial stone

Natural stone and artificial stone countertops are suitable for customized sizes. They have unique advantages compared to prefabricated types (ceramics, glass, acrylic). The patterns are easy to match, and they are often combined with ceramic countertops.

Radiation problems don’t have to worry too much. First of all, the area is small. Secondly, the natural and artificial stones available on the market basically meet the national standard A. (Available anywhere).

If you want to take care of it and resist stains, choose a patterned or darker one. Small stains are not easy to find.

Artificial stone countertop + basin integrated, such as imitation jade basin. This kind of basin is difficult to process and the price is higher. Please pay attention when buying. Do not choose the texture close to acrylic (knock like resin plastic), but choose the bias Nearly marble texture.

I have seen acrylic "imitation jade basins" on the market after more than a year and less than two years. Some manufacturers' technology is not very mature, so you should pay attention when buying. Avoid.


The glass countertop also has a variety of colors, but I don’t recommend it personally. First of all, the grade feels relatively low (just bought it will look better), easy to scratch, dirty and difficult to take care of will make you quite broken.

Above counter basin VS under counter basin

The above counter basin has better decoration, but it is difficult to avoid water stains and splashes, so the countertop can only be wiped. It is relatively troublesome to take care of.

The under-counter basin is easy to take care of. If the design of the side sink is designed to clean up, it can’t be easier. Relatively poor in appearance.

Special note: Different types of basins also have requirements for the height of the faucet. Generally, there are high and low models on the market (mainly depending on whether the faucet is installed above or below the top of the basin).

Purchase after reference


PVC cabinet

PVC material has good water resistance, relatively cheap price, three-dimensional shape, and paint texture, but PVC has a poor load-bearing capacity, is easily deformed and cannot be restored, and most cabinet door hinges cannot be nailed a second time.


Density board, multi-layer board, large core board, finger joint board as the base material, woodworking or customized, the surface is treated with baking paint, skinning and painting and other waterproof processes, which have high requirements for edge sealing, and the paint surface is damaged or cracked. The invasion of life will be greatly reduced. It is only recommended to do it in the dry zone.

Solid wood bathroom cabinet

The solid wood is made by distilling dehydration and then water-repellent treatment (brushed with multi-layer varnish), with various shapes and high grades, and the price is very beautiful. Suitable for areas with a relatively dry climate. It is expensive and easy to crack, so the toilet should be separated from wet and dry.
Wall Mounted Hanging Bathroom Cabinet WBL-2218
The unique plum rainy day + north wind cooling in the south is a severe test for solid wood, so it is best not to use it, and it is not recommended for dark hygiene. If the place is relatively dry and ventilated, and the location is large, the cabinets need to be decorated more, and the budget is sufficient, solid wood cabinets are a good choice.

Stainless steel cabinet

Stainless steel is also divided into different specifications. 201# stainless steel is not recommended (one-meter cabinet sets are often less than 1,000 yuan). 304# stainless steel is preferred. The two stainless steel plates are filled with foam or other light materials and welded to seal the edges. The color pattern of the thermal film has multiple colors to choose from. Now there are a lot of simple and generous shape designs, with the best waterproof and durability.

Aluminum alloy cabinet

Similar to stainless steel, double plate + filler + welding edge, surface thermal film pattern, multiple colors (multiple imitation wood grains optional), relatively single shape, waterproof and durable prices are similar to 304 stainless steel.

Brick bathroom cabinet

Similar to a brick cabinet, it can be made of square brick + surface tile or direct ceramic tile as the column, which has good waterproof and durability. The cabinet door is usually fixed by drilling + plug + screw. The disadvantage is that it occupies a lot of space and cannot be used as a hanging type. The brick joints cannot be avoided, and the style and texture follow the tiles.

Stone bathroom cabinet

Similar to brickwork, it is relatively simpler to use a whole stone slab for construction, with fewer joints, but there are not many people doing this, so I won’t repeat it.

Installation method


Wall Mounted Hanging Bathroom Cabinet WBL-0523Moisture prevention is the primary problem of bathroom cabinets. The hanging type is recommended to be used in small bathrooms without separation of dry and wet. No matter metal, wood, long-term damp, and watery floors will affect life. It is relatively simple to take care of and can be washed directly with water. But note that the hanging type can only be installed on the main wall or solid wall tiles.


Floor Bathroom Cabinet TW-1091It is suitable for dry areas, there is no requirement for the wall to be installed, and there are many styles to choose from, especially to check the quality of the cabinet feet.

The storage space is theoretically more than that of the hanging type, but some sundries can also be placed under the hanging type, so the actual use should be similar. Personally recommend hanging.

Accessories hardware

Handle, hinge, cabinet foot, wet environment, these accessories are very demanding, even 304 hinges will have a rusty day, facing long-term humid environment, rust is only a matter of time. Therefore, it is more important to do a good job of the toilet drainage slope, ventilation, and drying.

When choosing a bathroom cabinet, you can ask the boss to take out the supporting hardware and measure it (weight, plating details), and compare a few more before making a choice.

Even the best hardware should be maintained regularly. Regular maintenance with a little lubricant can effectively extend its service life. But generally do not have this awareness, it is recommended that everyone prepare some grease products at home.

The floor cabinet feet must be carefully checked for their materials. Some of them will use recycled plastic to pretend to be solid wood cabinet feet, which are moisture-proof, but there is a risk of deformation and collapse if the load-bearing time is long.

Mirror/Mirror Cabinet

You can choose according to your actual needs (storage, available size). The key is to determine your storage needs and the person looking in the mirror will look good.

Some bathrooms are separated from wet and dry. The bathroom cabinet is outside. If you avoid the mirror facing the door, you can use this folding mirror cabinet.

Size reservation

Bathroom cabinets have high requirements for dimensional accuracy, especially for small toilets. Therefore, the planning of bathroom cabinets should fully consider the following contents and incorporate them into the planning before starting the renovation.

1.Is there a mirror headlight? If you want to install it, you need to pass through the pipe and leave the neutral and live wires of the light wire behind the mirror.

2.The power sockets for hairdryers, razors, and electric toothbrushes are reserved (you can consider designing them on the cabinet)

3. The width of the bathroom cabinet ranges from 50cm to 150cm (usually a slope of 10cm), 60cm is enough for one person (50cm is also improvised to put something less); even if it goes to 70cm, 80cm is not much different for use, there is only one basin. It may be used by 2 people at the same time.

If all office workers wake up at a concentrated time, and the position is above 120cm, consider making a double basin bathroom cabinet to improve family efficiency.

4.Try not to leave gaps (within 10cm) as much as possible, because the gaps in the bathroom are easy to form and difficult to manage. (The gap within 1cm can be sealed with glass glue, so the size should be as accurate as possible)

5.If it is a hanging type, the water and electricity pipes should be arranged from top to bottom as far as possible, because the cabinets and mirrors need to be punched and fixed, and the pipes and wiring should be avoided as much as possible.

In conclusion

Pursue practicality and durability, prefer 304 stainless steel, aluminum alloy cabinets, ceramic integrated countertops + basins, stone countertops + ceramic basins for small bathrooms with simple shapes.

High-quality brand PVC material (damp-proof and durable), it can also be placed in the bathroom cabinet without direct sunlight.

The solid wood floor cabinet is suitable for a dry area with a large enough location, sufficient budget, a high pursuit of decoration, and good ventilation. There are areas in the south that return to the sky as far as possible.

 Special size or special-shaped space (with columns on the corners or precise location and size requirements), stone or brick cabinets are tailor-made, plus the combination of stone countertops and ceramic basins. If it is a relatively dry area, you can let the woodworker use his finger Connect the board or board to the cabinet body (also ensure that the sealing edge is tight).

If there is direct sunlight, it is best to use stainless steel, aluminum alloy, stone, brick, and other materials, solid wood, life is difficult to guarantee.

Glass, plates, and 201 stainless steel are not recommended, unless you just want to change this cabinet after two or three years, or buy it in a rental room.

If the quality and texture of the supporting hardware are not good (if you don’t understand, just compare it), you can go to the hardware store to buy better quality (generally hardware stores also have small brands of good quality). Regular maintenance is more critical to its life.

The details of the bathroom cabinet involve the design of hydropower, so you must determine the location in advance (the direction of the wall’s hydropower is best to be horizontal and vertical for easy identification).
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