Classification and installation knowledge of sanitary ware

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What are the sanitary ware products? What types of sanitary ware are there? Generally, sanitary ware can be divided into bathtubs, shower rooms, bathroom cabinets, toilets, sinks, and other product types. The following introduces the classification knowledge of sanitary ware to netizens.

Classification of sanitary ware



1. Acrylic Bathtub

The surface of the acrylic material is polymethyl propionate, and the back is made of resin gypsum and glass fiber. Some people call it a plexiglass bathtub. Lightweight, easy to install; good heat preservation performance; good gloss; rich in shape and color; low cost and large market share. 


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2. Artificial Stone Bathtub

The artificial stone bathtub has higher impact resistance, flexibility, compression resistance, and permeability resistance than other stone materials, and its wear resistance, acid resistance, and high-temperature resistance are also very strong. The artificial stone bathtub has a complete variety of colors and colors, can be formed as a whole, and can be repeatedly polished and innovated.


T&W Freestanding artificial stone bathtub XA-8821

3. Cast iron Bathtub

It is made of cast iron and covered with enamel. Long service life; easy to clean, good heat preservation performance; good gloss; good acid and alkali resistance and abrasion resistance. However, the heavyweight makes it difficult to handle and install, it is expensive. 

4. Steel Bathtub

The steel plate cylinder is made of a whole piece of bathtub-specific steel plate with a thickness of about 2mm through stamping and forming, and the surface is then enamel-treated. It has the characteristics of wear resistance, heat resistance, and pressure resistance. The weight is between the cast-iron cylinder and the acrylic cylinder. Because the steel plate is thin, the firmness is not enough, the noise is large, the surface is easy to peel off, and the heat preservation performance is not good, so some increase The insulation layer.


 5.  Wooden Bathtub

The materials are nanmu, cypress, oak, fir, pine, etc. The overall performance of the nanmu bath barrel is the best, but it is rarely seen on the market. Pine and cedar bathtubs are prone to moisture, blackening, and mildew and their overall performance are poor. It has the advantages of heat preservation, environmental protection, small footprint, easy cleaning, long life, and convenient installation. But in the case of long-term dryness, it is easy to crack, so if you do not use it for a long time, put some water in the bucket.


 6. Ceramic Bathtub

Not much to say, it is very fragile, I am afraid it has been basically eliminated in the market.

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II:Shower room

Ordinary shower room: use tempered glass or plexiglass board as the partition of the bathroom, the main material of the frame is aluminum alloy or zinc alloy, and the surface is sprayed with plastic. The shower room can be roughly divided into curves according to its shape. Shapes such as type, diamond-type, arc type, etc. The bottom of the shower room is mostly equipped with an acrylic shower tray, which plays a waterproof role.

Computer shower room: It integrates the functions of an ordinary shower room and bathtub. It mainly has functions of the sauna, massage, shower, and bathing. The mainframe is made of acrylic.

III:Bathroom Vanity

A cabinet with countertops and washbasins on the top for storing toiletries. The cabinet is generally made of composite veneer panels. According to the installation method, it can be divided into 2 kinds

1.Hanging bathroom cabinet

Hanging Bathroom Cabinet TW-2201Hanging bathroom cabinets can be said to be the first choice for most families today. As a result of its bottom USES suspended design, cabinet put oneself in another's position and ground space come, can be diffused effectively moisture and moisture, avoided the possibility that moisture invades cabinet put oneself in another's the position, on certain level extended the service life of bathroom vanity.

Besides, the bathroom vanity of suspension type still has the advantage that increases dimensional feeling. Accordingly, it is a small family model, mount the lens vanity that this kind of bathroom vanity collocation goes up again with series, also won't feel crowded, also can satisfy everyday store content demand at the same time.


2.Floor bathroom cabinet

Floor Bathroom Cabinet TW-1091As its name implies, the cabinet of the bathroom of floor type is located on the ground directly, compare with the cabinet of the bathroom of hanging type, the cabinet of this kind of bathroom does not have a requirement to wall body when installing.


But floor-to-ceiling bathroom cabinets also have pain points you can't say: the bathroom is basically damp for a long time. If do not have in the home especially dry wet isolate word, the cabinet of floor type bathroom is met often contact with water, cause damage to cabinet put oneself in another's position thereby, affect the service life.

Because this is when the cabinet of the bathroom of floor type of choice and buy, must ask clear its material is qualitative whether did waterproof processing. Only in this way can we ensure the interior structure of the cabinet of the bathroom of floor type is not out of shape, have a longer service life.

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Toilets can be divided into two types according to their styles: split toilets, toilets with a water tank, and toilet body divided into two parts. One-piece toilet: a toilet in which the water tank and the toilet body are integrally formed.

According to the structure, the toilet can be divided into a rear sewage toilet: the toilet with the sewage outlet connected to the reserved sewage outlet on the wall behind the toilet. According to the height of the sewage outlet from the ground, the rear sewage toilet has two sizes: high and low. Lower sewage toilet: a toilet with a sewage outlet under the toilet body and connected to a reserved sewage outlet on the ground. The bottom drain toilets are divided into two sizes: 305mm and 400mm according to the wall distance.

The toilet is divided into two types according to the sewage discharge method: Flushing toilet: There is a flushing port along the toilet body, and the sewage is drained mainly by the water pressure during flushing. The discharge speed is fast but the noise is slightly louder when the sewage is discharged. Siphon toilet: There is a circle of flushing ports evenly distributed along the toilet body. When flushing, the water is mainly used to form a whirlpool and use the negative pressure of the water to drain the dirt. Jet siphon toilet: on the basis of the siphon, there is a separate flushing port in the toilet body to enhance the effect of sewage discharge, and the effect of silence is good.

V:Wash Basin


According to the actual conditions of the bathroom and personal preference. The most common ones are generally as follows:


Above counter Solid surface wash basin XA-A651. Above counter basin: It is easy to install and can place items on the countertop.

                    2.Under-counter basin: easy to clean, high-grade, and items can be placed on the countertop.

                    3.The installation requirements of the under-counter basin are relatively high. The size of the reserved position on the                                              countertop must be consistent with the size of the basin, otherwise, the appearance will be affected after installation.

Round Modern Design White Freestanding Pedestal Bathroom Wash Basin Sink XA-Z224. Pedestal basin: It has the characteristics of the consistent color of basin and column, not occupying space, easy to install, easy to clean, and good ventilation performance.

Wall Mounted Hanging Solid Surface Wash Basin XA-G685. Hanging basin: Its characteristics are similar to that of a pedestal basin. Generally, hanging basins can be considered for wall-    mounted drainage systems.

                    6. Bowls and basins: their characteristics are similar to those of the above counter basins, which are more artistic and                                            personalized.

Installation and attention points of sanitary ware


Usually, there is a concealed pipe at the bottom of the bathtub for drainage. In order to prevent the concealed pipe from being damaged for a long time, it is necessary to ensure the quality when purchasing the concealed pipe, and pay attention to the slope during construction. If it is a steam bathtub with massage performance, there are motors, water pumps, and other equipment at the bottom of the bathtub. When decorating, a maintenance opening should be reserved for future maintenance.


When installing the toilet, the distance between the wall and the pit is best to be 400mm. If it is greater than 400mm, space will be wasted. If the toilet is less than 400mm, it may not fit, so we must grasp this degree. Secondly, under normal circumstances, the water tank button of the toilet opens the angle valve after the water enters, and there is slow water flow out. It should be considered that the water level inside the water tank is set too high to make the water inside the water tank flow out.

III:Wash Basin

If the wash basin is equipped with a marble countertop, we can choose a high-necked faucet, which looks more elegant. At the same time, you can also buy a wall-mounted faucet, but this kind of maintenance will be relatively troublesome. The wash basin usually has a hot water pipe and a cold water pipe. When installing the hot and cold water pipes, we should follow that the left side of the faucet is the hot water pipe and the right side is the cold water pipe. There is also a small hole on the edge of the wash basin. Its function is to facilitate the drainage of excess water when the basin is full, and the small hole cannot be blocked in normal use.

Summary: The above is the relevant introduction of the classification of sanitary ware and the important points of installation. I hope to help the majority of my friends. Sanitary ware should be cleaned and maintained frequently in use, so as to extend its service life and maximize its value. If you want to learn more about sanitary ware, you can always follow us, and the follow-up articles will be more exciting!


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