How to Import Sanitary Wares from China Manufacturer & Supplier?

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Bathroom accessories from China are famous for their superior quality and elegant finishes. Many people, including end-users and merchants, are now turning to this country to buy these and many other products. If you still need to import from China, then the following are things you need to know. We have handled everything needed to buy sanitary accessories from China.

This article will give you a comprehensive introduction on how to import bathroom accessories from China, including how to choose bathroom accessories, how to find good suppliers and solutions to some common problems.

The sanitary ware industry is a very good industry. Its continued growth is due to the increase in construction activities, the booming development of the hotel industry, the increase in disposable income, and the increasing attention to personal hygiene.

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What kind of sanitary ware will bring you a business? 

1.Classic appearance 

The classics will never go out of style. White is a color related to cleaning and is still a popular color choice for sanitary ware. In addition, the clean design of solid colors can always find ready-made buyers. 

2.Convenient and safe 

For safety and convenience, people like simple designs and simple mechanisms. You want to be able to use the bathroom immediately when you need it, without having to spend time figuring out how to use many buttons or levers. This is especially useful for young children, the older generation, and the disabled. 

3.Environment-friendly use  

With increasing global attention to the environment, consumers now prefer bathroom fixtures and accessories that do not waste a lot of water. 

4. Luxury market 

Each market has its high-end market segments. This market will look for stylish and comfortable luxury sanitary ware, artistic design, private spas, saunas, shower systems, and larger bathtubs.

Types of bathroom accessories produced by Chinese manufacturers and suppliers 

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A bathroom serves many purposes. You can bathe, groom, wash your hands and face, and store accessories here. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that it is well designed and equipped with everything. But what are these bathroom accessories? Keep reading to get the answer! 
Ceramic Bathroom Fittings Non-ceramic Bathroom Fittings
Toilet, bidet, urinal, washbasin, sink, pedestal, mop
sink,  soapbox, and toilet roll holder 
Bathtub, faucet, bathroom cabinet, hand dryer, flusher 

1.Washing basin or lavatory   

This is a set of accessories that make the bathroom a reality. They include sinks, showerheads, faucets, mirrors, dressing tables, towel bars or rings, etc. They are mostly made of ceramic or stainless steel to withstand the high humidity in the bathroom. Under these conditions, cast iron, concrete, stone, and other materials will deteriorate.

According to design requirements, the washbasin is usually installed at a suitable height from the ground. The technician who will perform the installation knows this, and you have full power to adapt it to your needs.

Colorful Above Counter Wash Basin XA-A65
Tap or faucet 
Tap acts as a valve or a switch to allow water to pass through to the basin. Also, its position is a matter of choice. It can be fixed on the wall or on the basin. 

The mirror is optional but very important. You may use it for retouching or any other purpose deemed appropriate. The size of the mirror and its position from the basin are personal preferences. Many people like to install it on the wall about 1.6 inches above the sink or shower tray.  

These can be one or more. If you do not have a cabinet for keeping items, you can simply place them on the shelves. Washing brush, hand wash, and brush bucket are some of the accessories you can put on the shelves.  

As the name says, the soap dish holds soaps. It is installed next to the basin for easy access.  

Electric receptacles 
If using hairdryers, electric clippers, and other electrical appliances, then you need a receptacle. It is usually mounted to the right of the basin, but it is not a rule. 

Tumbler holder 
Installed on the wall to hold tumblers, just as the name suggests. 

Towel bar 
This is used for hanging towels. Towel bars or rings make it easier to access your towels and store them after use. 

Bathroom vanity
The bathroom cabinet is a combination of sink and cabinet. The vanity hides the pipes under the sink while providing storage space in the cabinet. You can choose different designs according to the size of the bathroom, budget, and personal preference.  

2.Bathroom Toilet  

A toilet is also part of a primary bathroom. We all know its use and the reason for installing it in your bathroom. The bathroom toilet also has some accessories, such as a health faucet、tissue paper holder. 

3.Shower Stall  

There are standard sizes of shower cubicles, but that is more of a personal choice. Various components make up a shower stall, and they include the following: Showerhead、Shower control、Shower curtain rod、Shower ventilator、Towel bars, or rack.  


This is the last thing we will talk about. You can have some other areas of your bathroom, but these four are the most common ones. 
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Bathtubs can be considered as complete bathrooms with all the components expected. On the list, we have a showerhead, shower controls, towel bar, curtain rod, bath spout, soap holder, etc. From the previous sections, we explained what each of these components does. 

Advantages of Imported Sanitary Fittings from China manufacturers and suppliers 

Why do people turn to China to buy bathroom accessories and kitchenware? There are many reasons why China should be your only place to purchase these products. The following are the benefits: 

1.Cheaper Cost  

In business or personal projects, saving all costs is essential. The cheaper the product, the higher the profit, and vice versa. This is why people turn to China to buy bathroom accessories. Compared with other producing countries, these products are much cheaper in this country.

Why are sanitary wares cheap in China? The affordability of these products from China is mainly due to bulk products and industrial automation. The most advanced machines are deployed in the production process. With the elimination of manpower and faster production processes, the cost of bathroom accessories has fallen. 

2.High Quality 

Whether it is corporate or personal property, quality is everything. Trading high-quality products will make customers trust you more and will always be loyal to you. Most domestic bathroom cabinet manufacturers have been in this industry for many years. Through experience, they prioritize quality.
Import high-quality bathroom accessories from China to grow your business. If you install them in your private or commercial property, then you can expect a long service life. Investing in these products is worthwhile and will bring you a return. 

T&W factory
3. Various designs 

Bathroom accessories such as dressers, sinks, bathtubs, and showerheads are part of the interior decoration. If you take the time to make your space look personalized, you can only do it with bathroom accessories from China.

There are unlimited designs. Some manufacturers even allow customized products. In this way, you can add any function you like to the bathroom accessories. You participate in and direct the design process.       

4.Easy to Assemble  

Bathroom fittings from China are manufactured with end-users in mind. In many cases, manufacturers assume that their products would be used outside the country. Therefore, they take time to make all the parts to be assembled at the destination country with ease. The primary reason for not assembling products is to make the shipping process easy. It is quick to package parts and squeeze in the smallest space available in the shipping container. At the site, you can unpack and assemble everything according to the instruction manual included. Some manufacturers also offer installation support to their customers. So, you have nothing to worry about when importing bathroom fittings from China.            

5.Good Investments  

Some bathroom accessories can last a lifetime because of their quality. Once you invest in Chinese bathroom accessories, you can rest assured to get a return. They are also very elegant and add luster to your home decoration. Chinese bathroom accessories can increase the value of your house. Real estate agents know this, and now is the time for you to take advantage of it. Import high-quality and attractive bathrooms to increase the monetary value of your property and inhibit attractiveness.      

Where to Find Sanitary Ware Manufacturers and Suppliers in China?   

When looking for sanitary ware manufacturers, go to the area with the highest concentration of manufacturers. This region will have the best prices since neighboring manufacturers tend to be competitive.    
Sanitary Wares Industry Clusters in China

Toilet, bidet, urinal, washbasin, sink,

pedestal, mop sink, soapbox, toilet roll holder

and other ceramic sanitary wares

   Foshan city, Chaozhou city   
Water tank Zhongshan city
Toilet cover, cistern fittings Xiamen city, Hebei province
Cabinet Foshan city, Chaozhou city
Shower room, bathtub, hand dryer Foshan city, Zhongshan city
Faucet, shower, accessaries Kaiping town, Nanan city, Wenzhou

Guangdong Province is the biggest sanitary ware manufacturing base in China, and probably the world. Here are the cities where there’s a large concentration of sanitary ware manufacturers:     

1.Foshan City

If you are purchasing high-class sanitary wares and require sales who can speak English to communicate, coming to Foshan is a good choice. Foshan City is the ceramic capital and trade center of China. Located in Guangdong province, it is the largest and most important manufacturing base of ceramics in China. There are many famous sanitary ware brands that own factories or sales centers in Foshan, such as TOTO, Kohler, T&W, American Standard, Suncoo, Roca, Dongpeng, and so on.

Foshan is also the production cluster of cabinets, shower rooms, and bathtubs. For cabinets, the product technology is the same as high-end furniture because most of them are produced in Shunde, which is called the furniture town of the world. Shower rooms and bathtubs locate in one of Foshan’areas, Nanhai.The leisure sanitary wares production technology absolutely far beyond other cities and regions.

By the way, if you plan to purchase many kinds of products for your house or projects, Foshan is the best choice. As I mentioned in my blog before, Foshan city is very famous for building materials, like tile,  sanitary wares,  furniture, light,  window,  door, etc. Of course, you can find any grade products here cause there are thousands of big and small companies or stalls offering your ideal items. In a word, Foshan offers you one-stop shopping, you can find an amazing purchasing world here.           
Tips: Since Foshan is next to Guangzhou, it takes about 50mins from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport to Foshan city. As far as I know, some companies in Foshan would arrange car service for their customers. If you contacted some suppliers before coming to China, try to confirm your visiting schedule so that they can pick you up on time. Or you can take a taxi or airport bus directly. If you have plan visiting Guangzhou.Taking a taxi or subway from Foshan is quite convenient.

Main Bathroom Fitting Brands:  

SHKL, T&W, Andemasuo, Arrow, Faenza, Annwa, SSWW, Eagle, Suncoo, Dongpeng.

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2.Chaozhou City

Chaozhou is a city in eastern Guangdong. It is famous for its ceramic industry and is the porcelain capital of Guangdong. At present, Chaozhou is the largest ceramic sanitary ware production base in China, with an output value accounting for 40% of the country's output and 55% of its export volume.

If you are professionally engaged in the ceramic sanitary ware business and always purchase in large quantities, Chaozhou is the best choice. Chaozhou manufacturers mainly produce ceramic products such as toilets, washbasins, bidets, and bases. Most of the ceramic sanitary ware factories are located in Dengtang Ancient Alley, Fengxi, Fengtang Town.          

Tips: If you come to Chaozhou to purchase, it is best to find a Chinese translator to assist you. If you can find someone who speaks the local language, that would be great, because suppliers usually talk about secrets in Teochew dialect, especially when they don’t want customers to know their internal price discussions during face-to-face negotiations.

It is also very convenient to go to Chaozhou. You can take the high-speed rail from Guangzhou to Chaoshan Station and find a supplier to pick you up.

Main Bathroom Fitting Brands:  SHKL, T&W, Andemasuo, Arrow, Faenza, Annwa, SSWW, Eagle, Suncoo, Dongpeng.

3.Kaiping City

A city in Guangdong province, Kaiping City is known as “Sanitary City.” The sanitary and plumbing wares industry is considered one of the city’s pillar industries. Its Shuikou town is the biggest base domestically for faucets and hardware fittings manufacturing and has the biggest sanitary wares exhibition center in China. The products quality is the best one and the price is a little bit high. They are suitable for customers who have high-quality requirements.  

Main Bathroom Fitting Brands:  Huayi, CAE, Caizhou, Gold, CME, Aosman 

4.Nan An City

A city in southern Fujian Province is also considered to be the main center of ceramic production. In Chinese history, it was called the celadon production center. Celadon ware is a green glazed bowl with carved, comb-shaped, or dot-shaped decorations. Here you can find many faucets, showers, and angle valve factories. Those of medium quality and reasonable price are very suitable for the project.       

Main Bathroom Fitting Brands:  JOYOU, HHSN, SUNLOT, JOMOO, TECI, Hona, LOGOO, LONGER, HTOSN, Sunswan, SLEDER

5.Zhongshan City

After more than 20 years of development, Zhongshan City has an annual production capacity of 2.8 million sets of shower room products and an annual export value of 300 million US dollars. Zhongshan is one of the main cities on the east and west coasts of the Pearl River Delta, and an important transportation hub on the west bank of the Pearl River Estuary.

At present, there are more than 100 well-known shower room companies in Zhongshan City, which is a veritable Chinese shower room manufacturing base.     

Tips: Since Foshan is next to Guangzhou, it takes about 50mins from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport to Foshan city. As far as I know, some companies in Foshan would arrange car services for their customers. If you contacted some suppliers before coming to China, try to confirm your visiting schedule so that they can pick you up on time. Or you can take a taxi or airport bus directly. If you have a plan to visit Guangzhou. Taking a taxi or subway from Foshan is quite convenient.
Main Bathroom Fitting Brands:  ALLY,ROSERY,SALLY,DELICACY,FRAE,Jiemei,Neptum,CAML.

6.Wenzhou City

Wenzhou locates in Zhejiang province. There are a large number of hardware OEM small workshops in this city. Comparing with Kaiping and Nan an, the hardware accessaries in Wenzhou are cheaper but not so high quality. They are suitable for customers who care much about the price but not the quality.         

Main Bathroom Fitting Brands:  RODDEX, Cobbe, ORans, AIFEILING, ENSLI, SReam, CleanDell, BJB.

7.Trade Fairs

Attending trade fairs would be a great idea for meeting many suppliers in person in a short period of time. Face-to-face meetings build trust and generate goodwill. You can get immediate feedback and negotiate better pricing and terms. One important trade fair is the Canton Fair which is held twice a year, every spring and autumn in Guangzhou, China. It connects Chinese manufacturers and wholesalers with buyers and exporters from around the world. Specific to the sanitary wares industry are the Guangzhou International Sanitary Ware Fair and the China International Ceramic and Bathroom Fair or CeramBath.

If you plan to come to Canton Fair, please remember that the sanitary wares display is from 15th April to 19th April and from 15th October to 19th October every year.  

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How to Choose Chinese Bathroom Fittings Manufacturers?  

Importing bathroom fittings from China is very easy. You only need to identify a reputable manufacturer that can meet all your needs. But how do you identify one? Well, this is a daunting task, but we make it easier for you. Consider the following factors:         
Single Under Counter Sink Wall Mounted Hanging Bathroom Vanity Cabinet WBL-0511
1. Cost of bathroom accessories   

Cost is everything. As a merchant or contractor, it is beneficial to you to purchase quality products at a competitive price. You can do everything possible to save the cost of bathroom accessories. But how did you do it?

Compared with retail prices, wholesale purchases are cheaper. Find a company that can sell you in bulk. In addition, working with agents who have experience in importing these products from China can save you money. Agents usually have experience with these bathroom accessories manufacturers and can recommend reliable manufacturers for you.

However, don't always like cheap products. In addition to low cost, it also depends on quality. In some cases, bathroom accessories are affordable due to their low quality.     

2. MOQ for Bathroom Fittings  

If your sets of bathroom fittings are below this value, then you might look elsewhere or ask if they can deliver those bathroom fittings. You should look for a manufacturer whose MOQ you can sustain, especially if looking for a long-term partnership.   

3. Quality control of bathroom products 

The quality of bathroom accessories should be everything to you. How do you ensure that you only get high-quality products that meet international standards? It is a better plan to find manufacturers that use sophisticated software or automation systems.

You can also conduct on-site visits. See for yourself what's in the production process. Some manufacturers have quality control teams. Ask and find out how they guarantee high-quality bathroom accessories or any other products you want to buy.        

4. Manufacturing capacity of bathroom accessories    

As with MOQ, manufacturing capability has everything to do with your supply demands. How many items do you need, and can the chosen company supply them without delay? You can also check out this by visiting the company personally. You can ask their sales representatives about their manufacturing capability, but you can also check their portfolio. The number of customers served and the years they have been in the industry are hints to their production capacity.     

5. Ability to customize bathroom accessories

 Ask about customizing your product. Can the company produce something unique to you, and at what cost? Are you involved in the design process, or are you marginalized? The answers provided will help you determine the right manufacturer.    

6.Lead Time for Bathroom Fittings  

Always ask about the lead time before confirming your orders with any Chinese manufacturer. There are cases where this is not honored. If you can check the customers’ reviews, then that is the best approach to take. Choose a bathroom fittings manufacturer who will deliver everything as agreed or promised.        

7. Bathroom accessories project support   

You might run into problems when dealing with the company or its products. Ask about the customer support services and their reliability. Do they offer after-sales services? 24/7 customer support provided in English is the best choice. 

How To Import Bathroom Fitting from China Manufacturer & Supplier? 

1.Importing bathroom basin from China Manufacturer & Supplier 

A bathroom basin is a crucial component in your bathroom. It can be the center of focus when correctly chosen from a reputable supplier. If planning to source bathroom basins from China, be keen on getting a quality product that will match your decoration. Luckily, these products come in all sizes, shapes, and designs. They are also made of different materials. You only choose what works for you according to your needs.      

2.Importing bathroom showers from China Manufacturer & Supplier   

A shower head is probably the most used item in your bathroom. That means you need to get high-quality products that will withstand regular use. Fortunately, there are many manufacturers in China specializing in showerheads. You have unlimited choices regarding design, material, size, color, etc.     

3.Importing bathroom toilet set from china Manufacturer & Supplier     

The toilet needs to match other bathroom products. There are different types, designs, sizes, and colors of toilet seats to meet the different needs of customers. Import your bathroom set from China at an affordable price.  

4.Importing bathtubs from China Manufacturer & Supplier 

Bathtubs make the bathroom complete. They will be the focal point of any primary bathroom. Hence, the need to make appropriate selections. There are all kinds of bathtubs from China you can buy for your needs. Even if you are a businessperson, you will find products that meet your quality requirements.    

5. Importing bathroom towel rails from China Manufacturer & Supplier     

Keep your bathroom organized with a towel rail. There are many manufacturers of these products in Guangdong and Zhejiang provinces of China. You only need to identify your best company and receive them on your doorsteps.    

6.Importing bathroom toilet roll holder from China Manufacturer & Supplier  

A toilet paper roll holder is not functional but adds that final touch you need for your bathroom. From a wide range of roll order designs, choose what works best in your case. There are different designs suitable for different bathroom sizes. You can buy them for personal use or for business.    

7.Importing bathroom shower curtains from China Manufacturer & Supplier  

The shower curtain in the bathroom increases privacy and prevents water ingress. You can also use them to decorate your bathroom, but only if you have a variety of design options. The shower curtain imported from China can easily find the product that best suits your needs. There are many options for these curtains, from the latest designs to patterned options.    

8.Importing bathroom heater from China Manufacturer & Supplier   

In cold weather, bathroom heaters are essential. Due to the cold temperature, don't be afraid to enter your bathroom in winter. You can now buy these products from China to make your bathroom beneficial all year round.

Like all other bathroom accessories, heaters come in different grades, styles, designs, and sizes.    

 9. Imported detachable bathroom shelf from China Manufacturer & Supplier  

People all over the world turn to China to buy bathroom racks. That's because the products are of good quality and affordable. In addition, the different styles and finishes of the shelves attract interior designers. In short, you can get what you need when you need it. They can also be customized to meet your specific needs.     

10.Importing bathroom cabinet from China Manufacturer & Supplier 

People all over the world turn to China to buy bathroom racks. That's because the products are of good quality and affordable. In addition, the different styles and finishes of the shelves attract interior designers. In short, you can get what you need when you need it. They can also be customized to meet your specific needs. 

How to Choose Good Quality Sanitary Ware/Bathroom Fittings Manufacturer & Supplier?

As with any product, you usually rate the quality of sanitary wares based on the quality of raw materials that they are made of. This directly affects the product’s lifespan or how long you can use it. Also, you measure quality based on the benefits or features of these products. 


Whether you prefer a ceramic, acrylic, marble, fiberglass, or another type of bath fixture, you want to look at the quality and finish of the raw material used. You’d want one that’s durable, with the finish not likely to easily fade or crack.  

Thicker glaze 

The glaze, which is the glass-like surface coating, enables the sanitary ware to be waterproof and protects it from chemicals. The thicker the glaze, generally, the longer its lifespan. Also, the more you use and clean the sanitary wares, the faster the glaze wears out.  

Thicker color

The color or overspray is applied before the glaze. The thicker the color applied, the less fading there is on the edges, and the color is even over the whole item.  


There are toilets that have weak flushing power, which can lead to problematic plumbing. Find out if a toilet can do its job in a single flush or more.   

Easy to clean  

These do not need high maintenance for daily care.   

Choose the right designs and sizes

▲ P-trap or s-trap toilet
▲ Single or double  hole basin
▲ The right or left door of the shower room
▲ The right or left side of the bathtub


Last but not least, there are both good and bad suppliers no matter which place of the world. To make sure all things going well, please pay attention to check the quality before loading and make some marks on the package in the case of being replaced with bad goods. Remembering to supervise loading containers so as to confirm the quantity and avoid breakages.
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